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What Makes Me, well ... Me! 



But what I love most is capturing what makes you uniquely YOU! I believe everyone's story is special, beautiful, and captivating. While I love a beautiful picture as much as the next, genuine joy captured through a memorable experience is even better! 


When you look at your photo albums and art filling your home, I want you to not only see beautiful photos, but remember all the fun you had taking those photos!

I know not everyone loves taking photos, I get it! I have had photos that were uncomfortable, a chore to take, and it showed in the disappointing finished product. BUT my best photos were the ones where I felt at ease, had a great time, and the photographer felt like a friend. I left the session with great memories and even better photos! That's what I aim to do! So be ready, as I will do anything for a good laugh. Kids favorite songs will be sung, cheesy jokes will be made, and with my mixed style of relaxed poses and candid moments I promise we'll have a GREAT time together!

Hi! I'm Shannon!

I'm an extrovert who loves vibrant hair, and quirky glasses. Most of my free time is spent chasing around my energetic kiddos, or snuggling up with some coffee, and listening to some true crime podcasts. I love to meet new people, act silly, try new food, and have tons of fun!

I wear prescription glasses & they are my favorite Accessory!

(I have 8 pairs.) 

My adorable kiddos are named after places in NYC where their dad grew up.

Hudson and Waverly 

We are an Apple Family and if you come over you'll see our hallway lined with photos like this one capturing every milestone from our engagement all the way to our current family photo using an iphone or ipad! 

My Husband and I love a good food adventure! We are the first to jump at an opportunity to try a new restaurant or a new food creation! 

Oddly enough, all 4 of us are 100% Extrovert. We love time together, being with family and friends and making new friends! We just love people! 

Five Fun Facts about me! 

Five Fun Facts about me! 


“Shannon photographed our engagement and wedding photos in an unforgettable way. She really knows how to capture the love and excitement on any special day! We’re so in love with the work Shannon did for us and will definitely use her for any life event we never want to forget!”

- The Elmys 

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